Power & Functions of Peshawar Developement Authority

As per Section-6 of the PDA Act, 2017, the Functions & Powers of the Authority shall be:-

  • Initiate and maintain a continuous process of comprehensive development planning for the Authority area with the objective of preparing and implementing master plan;
  • Periodically update such master plan and co-ordinate its implementation by the Authority and Government agencies within the Authority area;
  • Develop, operate and maintain water-supply, sewerage, solid waste and drainage systems within the Authority area;
  • Prepare and ensure compliance of the Annual Development Program for the Authority area with priorities, established in the master plan, after its preparation and evaluate performance under the Annual Development Program at the end of each year;
  • Establish, maintain and periodically revise as necessary, planning controls and building regulations for the Authority area to–
    1. Provide appropriate urban design and protect public safety; and
    2. ensure compliance with the master plan after its preparation;
  • Prepare, implement and enforce, in consultation with other relevant departments of Government, schemes and schemes for environmental improvements, urban renewal including slum improvement and redevelopment, solid waste disposal, transportation and traffic, health and education facilities and preservation of objects or places of historical, archaeological, scientific, cultural and recreational importance;

Service Deliveries

  • Paid Services
    • Building Control
    • Water & Sanitation (conservancy charges)
    • Community Services
  • Unpaid Services
    • Fire fighting services
    • Safety of Hayatabad & RMT Hearse & Burial services Parks, playgrounds, Mini zoo, Sports complex Horticulture
Peshawar Development Authority


Interview for appointment of class IV in PDA under the 5% Minority
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Quota on 11/10/2021 at 11:00 Am at PDA Main office Phase 5

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