Future Planned Projects

S# Project Achivement Project Cost (M)
1 PC-II for Jamrud Road by Amalgamating Service Roads 0% 30.000
  Description:Combined evaluated report was approved by DCSC in its meeting held on 04.11.2015. the award of contract for consultancy is under process.  
2 Feasibility of General Bus Stand in Peshawar 0% 100
  Description:MOU for design & build signed with NLC. Presentation to Honorable C.M for final approval of design in 2nd week of December, 2015.  
3 Construction of pre-fabricated Elevated U-turns/dedicated U-turns in Peshawar Future Planned 1000.00
  Description:Discussed with NLC/ consultant. Because of widening of Jamrud Road, no space will be available.  
4 Construction of Shingled service road for Ring Road from Hayatabad to Charsadda Road Summary forwarded to Honorable C.M 200
  Description:Summary forwarded to Honorable C.M for revision of cost /change of scope @ Rs.1871.5 (M).  
5 Safe City Hayatabad Project. Revised PC-I has been approved 400.00
  Description:Revised PC-I has been approved by PDWP conditionally. The requisite action is being taken by PDA prior to award of contracts.  

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