BCA is a regulatory and supervisory body whose Prime Function is to ensure that the approval of Building Plans and NOCs etc. are in conformation with the existing Building & Town Planning Regulations. Furhter, it promotes the implementation of the Peshawar Master Plan or a concept plan or other development plan.

1 . Amendents In Clause-20(1) of Schedule-A

Security Fee.

A . Residential Rs.7/-sft of the covered area
B . Commercial Rs.14/-sft of the covered area

2 . Amendents In Clause-20(8) of Schedule-A

Mulba Fee.

C . Residential
Less than 5-marla Rs.6000/-
5,7-marla Plots Rs.12000/-
10;14-marla Plots Rs.18000/-
1- Kanal Plots Rs.25000/-
2-Kanal Plots Rs.40000/-
D . Commercial
Rs.3/-sft of the covered area

3 . N.O.C Fee

ROW NOC,Ring Road Rs.1000/- Per Marla
ROW NOC,N-5(Fixed) Rs.60000/- (Fixed)
HST House Transfer NOC Rs.1000/- (Fixed)

4 . Composition Fee

Nature of deviation

a . Unauthorized and illegal construction that forms an integral part of the authorized building but voilates mandatory open spaces...
on and below the ground floor. Rs.1000/- per Sft
On the first and sub sequent floors. Rs.800/- per Sft
b . Unauthorized construction that does not voilate mandatory open spaces but is in excess of the limits prescribed for covered area...
on the ground floor. Rs.300/- per Sft
On the first and sub sequent floors. Rs.600/- per Sft

5 . Mumty Fee

Upto 14-Marla Rs.6000/-
1-2 Kanal Rs.10000/- (Fixed)

6 . Time Extension Charges

Residential Rs.4000/- per year
Commercial Rs.8000/- per year

7 . Land use voilation

(Restoration charges) Rs.6000/-per marla

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