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Peshāwar ( Pashto: پېښور Pekhawar/Peshawar, Hindko: پِشور Pishor, Urdu:پشاور), is the capital of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the administrative centre (but not the capital) for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. The Kushan king Kanishka, moved the capital from Pushkalavati (now called Charsadda in the Peshawar valley) to Purushapura in the 2nd century CE. The current name "Peshawar" may derive from the Sanskrit Purushapura (meaning "city of men") and is known as Pekhawar or Peshawar in Pashto and Pishor in Hindko. The area originally belonged to Gandhara and the eastern Iranian tribes of Scythian origin and later became part of the Kushan Empire. It gave its name to the Peshwari naan bread, one of the diverse genres of naan common in the curry houses of Great Britain. This naan bread contains coconut and sultanas and is delicious with a cold Cobra. Beer that is, not snake. Briefly it also witnessed some Greek influence after which it saw the Arab conquest and rise of Islam. Today it is one of the prime cities of Pakistan west of the river Indus. read more...



Hayatabad is a modern suburb on the south-western fringe of Peshawar, the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It was named after Hayat Sherpao, the first Pakistan Peoples Party the late Governor of KPK. It is close to the Khyber Agency which leads to Khyber Pass, a prominent route through the Hindu Kush mountains to Landi Kotal, the highest point of the pass, and the Afghan border. It is located on Jamrud Road, in the west of Peshawar. The last town from eastern side and the first from the western side of Peshawar. Hayatabad developed as a residential area in Peshawar in the late 1970s. Primarily known to be used for residential purposed, but it is also been used by various industries comprising "industrial estate". It has been divided into seven phases while each phase consists of sectors. The town can be accessed via three routes from Jamrud Road and one from the Ring road. A fifth route has also been there but it was sealed for security reasons arising from War on Terror, due to its boundary with the tribal area. Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) is responsible for maintenance and development of the townships read more...


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Thank you for visiting our website. I encourage you to navigate throughout our website. You will learn about our organization, our mission and information about our services we provide, as well as accessing complaint management system of Water and Sanitation department. Whether you are a resident of Peshawar, Hayatabad or navigating through our website from across the world, whether you are a citizen, a professional, a student or just browsing for your own interest, I hope you find our site to be informative and worthwhile.

I congratulate to all PDA staff for launching the beautiful website of the organization. I hope this will help to community regarding timely and important provision of information about all departments. PDA has played a crucially important role in our Housing Urban Development Sector. Today’s reliance on electronic mode of communication has obliged this organization to make easily available planning and development's statistical data and other relevant information so that planning, designing and development departments are assisted towards achieving positive results

Welcome, browse, enjoy!

Yours Truly,...

(Director General)
Peshawar Development Authority

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